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BeN was born in 1976 from the idea and the plan to produce and sell immagine-AZIENDA (1).jpgartwork frames.
It became clear from the very start that at the root of everything, and above all, there was a strong will to add to the project the most important of all raw materials: passion.
And while passion was driving and guiding BeN along its exciting path, a great number of trade secrets were gathered, collected, stored and passed on, from the dynamics of the market, to the peculiarities of the product, and to the sector itself. So, along the way, BeN continued to supplement, develop and enrich another of its great values: tradition.
Right from the beginning then, it was desired that both this passion and this tradition should always have new outlets of expression via a continual search for and via highly valuing a final fundamental element: innovation.
Today BeN represents the successful realization of an idea based on three interwoven elements: passion, tradition, innovation.
The union of these three elements is today represented in the interweaving of the three lines that BeN has adopted as one of its distinctive marks. Symbols, then, that go beyond the purely aesthetical aspects and are designed to recount a story and a philosophy.